Ylenia Pericati, the 28

CONEGLIANO – From hunting to the top flight to that towards the roof of Italy and Europe. A big leap but Ylenia Pericatinew issue 12 of the Prosecco Doc Imoco Volleythe A league he earned it first of all on the pitch with the shirt of Pinerolo. Then came one call to which it is practically impossible to say no: «It is a great emotion to be here – says the new free man from Conegliano -. Going from seeing the Imoco on television to experiencing it is quite another thing. I can’t wait for all the companions to arrive and to continue this adventure ».

In the 2020-21 season the first taste of the top flight with Millennium Brescia, then the triumphal ride with Pinerolo playing a fundamental role in the promotion of the Piedmontese team. Now the return home, but understood as a region: Pericati is in fact Veronese from Bovolone, the province where he took his first steps in volleyball playing with Cerea: therefore the landing in the Marca, icing on the cake of a wonderful year from the point of of sporty point of view. «A period that can be defined as happy is an understatement, also because I won promotion to A1 with Pinerolo. I tried to fully enjoy every moment, including the call from Conegliano arrived practically immediately after the triumph in Piedmont“.

How did you react to the opportunity to wear this shirt?
“I wasn’t expecting it, it all happened quickly. She called me the DA the day after the A2 playoff finals and I think I stood thirty seconds without saying anything, so much so that I was asked if I was okay (laughs). I’m really happy to be here ».

Many have called you Deputy De Gennaro, what do you think?
“For me to be called Deputy Moki is an honor, I can’t wait to meet her and see how a similar champion trains, perhaps stealing some secrets from her.”

Vice doesn’t mean you can’t have decent playing time this season.
«My main goal is to learn, obviously if I am given space I will take it more than willingly. I want to help the team and do what will be asked of me ».

You arrive with a fair amount of experience, what do you expect from this experience?
“You never stop learning, I did a few years in A2 and A1 but I am convinced that especially in a role like that of the free one we can improve and make progress”.

With the possibility of playing in international competitions such as the Champions League and perhaps the Club World Cup.
“A lot of stuff, these are the first words that come to mind at the thought. So far I have only played in Italy so for me it is an honor to be able to participate in these cups ».

Patience, sacrifice and dedication are the main characteristics of a free, do you identify?
“These are talents that are emerging. Above all, patience is essential, also because in this role you must always be focused and careful not to make mistakes. Let’s say that you immediately see if you are playing well or badly by having a well-defined role, while perhaps an opposite or a hitter has more aspects to think about ».

Among your passions there is also beach volleyball.
“This year for the first time I threw myself into this experience quite seriously and I liked it a lot, I think it may become a habit in the future”.

For a free it doesn’t have to be easy.
“I had to brush up on some fundamentals that I hadn’t done for a while, attack and chase for example.”

What is the path that has brought you here?
«I started playing when I was very young, around the age of six, then I did the whole process of the youth academy. Let’s say I’ve always been a bit rowdy, so my parents looked for a way to let me vent. “

Why volleyball specifically?
«Near my house there is a club, Cerea, which is now in Serie B1. I started there and after the youth teams I also played with the senior team ».

What does Ylenia Pericati do when she is far from the pitch?
“I don’t have much free time at the moment, I’m studying Sports Science off the pitch, so I’m dedicating myself almost entirely to sport.”


How do you live the relationship with social media as a professional athlete?
«I am very active, I like sharing many stories and telling myself. I try not to always take myself too seriously, on the contrary, I often publish nice things ».

Speaking of serious things, cats or dogs?
«Right now dogs, also because I have a dog that I take everywhere, an adventure companion who follows me in every season. But I grew up with both cats and dogs since I was a child, so I like them both ».

Favorite singers and / or genres of music instead?
“Honestly, there isn’t an artist I listen to more than others, a lot depends on the time of day. Before matches, for example, something that can give me the right energy to take the field, otherwise I like to vary between the most disparate genres of music ».

Ylenia Pericati, the 28-year-old from Verona is the new free player of the Prosecco Doc Imoco Volley: «That phone call … I was silent for 30 seconds» Photo