“You have to put everything into the Cup match”: Julio Comesaña

Junior no longer has almost any margin of error in the League-II if he wants to qualify for the semi-finals. In the same way, coach Julio Comesaña understands it, who, although he accepts that it is a complicated situation, assures that they still have a minimum margin to make mistakes.

“Margin of error yes there is. You have to make 16 points out of 21. If we say that there is no margin for error, we all terrify and commit suicide, ”said the counselor at a press conference.

The Colombian-Uruguayan, who is in his tenth stage at the club, spoke about the match against Alianza Petrolera, in which he must win as a visitor tomorrow, but pointed out that he will save pieces for the final of the Colombia Cup, on Wednesday, against Millonarios, in the Metropolitan.

“Although we think first of the match with Alianza Petrolera, we have to join it to what comes three days later (final vs. Millonarios). Two days will be because one is traveling, Monday. We have to think that this will be another tough battle, against the best team in the tournament at stake and points. The difference in points marks a football distance. We will try to put together a team that allows us to fight there in Barrancabermeja and here (against Millionaires) we will put all the people we can count on, that is what we are going to do, because it is vital for us, “said the DT.

“There are players with a lot of minutes and they will stay. Against Millionaires we cannot have tired players. There are others who will go because they are in a position to do so and those who have not been playing will do so as well. We hope to live up to it,” he added.

Does the Cup save the year?

With ‘Tiburón’ currently so weak in the domestic championship, many have raised the question of whether they should aim for the Cup with everything, and although Julio Comesaña has already confirmed that he will put the best he has available for the game against the blues, said that this would not save the semester as such.

“The word would save Junior… I don’t think a campaign can be saved by winning a tournament. People are happy, but you have to review the club’s objectives at the beginning of the campaign. Now we have an objective and a goal, as well as some intermediate objectives that must be met, such as qualifying all eight. Then in the finals we go for the classification to Libertadores and the title. When we say that the objectives were not met and everyone believes that the objective is to be a champion. If so, Millonarios did not meet the objectives in these two years. Suddenly his goal was not that. It is a matter of patience, but it is not easy. Each defeat is a great pain”, analyzed the strategist.

“The goal is mine with the team, what do I expect and what can I do to play in a certain way. I do not know the objectives of the institution. The idea is to classify now and we see what we are for. The Cup is a wonderful opportunity, we have to put everything into it now, because the return is in November”, he added.

your game idea

Although the results have not accompanied him in the two most recent commitments, the rojiblanco helmsman was satisfied in part because, according to him, his idea of ​​the game is being seen little by little.

“I don’t see anything in the group that doesn’t correspond and that I have to stand firm. The numbers are very fashionable, I also look at the ones that interest me for the team game. In these three games, in terms of playing time averages, the team has been above the entire previous stage. It is not a comparison, I am talking about what we want to change and improve, which is in possession of the ball, have more play and maintain the team’s energy with possession, I am happy, because we have 60% possession against Millionaires, who lives to have the ball. The team improved what it did against Pasto. I will continue on the path of seeking to use the best ball, because that way we can use energy better. If we give the ball to the rival, we give the rival the option of hurting us”, the coach said.

has all

It is no secret to anyone that there were players who were having few opportunities this semester with the ‘Tiburón’ team, however, the situation has changed. Comesaña, since he arrived, has said that he has everyone and has begun to use some who were relegated.

“I will count on everyone who is within my reach. In the current situation, everyone has a commitment, but the greatest responsibility lies with the elders. Young people have to join a team that can support and help them. If I see them I can put them to play in situations where they can show their game and help us, great. Those players know what I think, when they come here I tell them what the people want. Against Nacional and Millonarios people do not tolerate anything that is not a victory. Millionaires because they are cachacos and Nacional hates it, in a soccer way. It’s from power to power, they are games that people live intensely and want to win 3-0 or 4-0. The team made an effort, but we must not forget who we were up against. If they take us 14 points for something it must be. They are phenomena or we had a bad time. Because we cannot say that we are nothing, “said the strategist.

Message for the fan

Before leaving the press room at the Adelita de Char sports venue, Junior’s coach wanted to send a message to the team’s fan.

“The message is that I will do everything that is within my reach, because I am responsible for what I can do, to generate satisfaction, happiness and lead Junior to positions of privilege, because I will never fail in that commitment. That would be giving them back a little bit of the affection and trust they give me every time I’m here”, he concluded.

“You have to put everything into the Cup match”: Julio Comesaña