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Oh?! The WAR!

“On June 22, 1986, it has been more than four years since the British and Argentines fought for a tiny, barely visible pebble in the Pacific Ocean, a badly named one in this case. The clash nevertheless caused 900 deaths. Expensive paid for this Falklands War. Only the pride of Thatcher and a few soldiers in search of glory can explain this absurdity.

Here then are the two peoples again face to face. But this time, the cause is respectable. No politicians, no soldiers, only twenty-two men are present, but side by side to drink their respective anthems. The only weapons they have are their feet…

Well, it should be, because in the fiftieth minute of the quarter-final of the 1986 England-Argentina World Cup, Diego Maradona, bulging chest, jet black hair, short but bouncy thighs, bent elbows, appears in front of Peter Shilton’s cage. He is going too fast, the ball reaches him slightly late and he has no other idea at this moment than to accompany it with his hand. Diego the evil is positioned so well to hide his gesture that the ball enters the cage…

“On the English side, there is no concern, the goal will be invalidated, 50,000 spectators have spotted the deception. But thunderclap in the yet uniformly blue sky, the referee, masked by a player, awards the goal, triggering the disbelief of the Englishman. “So we’re going to turn to the VAR…”

“What?? The VAR does not exist in 1986?!!! The English are forced to swallow the pudding and ultimately lose the game.

This brief story is not insignificant… Didn’t we just learn today that the ball caressed by the divine hand of Maradona is going to be auctioned at 32 million euros?!!!

Morality: let’s immediately remove the VAR in order to generate, after other scandals to come, 3 million euros.

Alain Viard

The picture of the week

“While this fern looked wonderful with its golden hues, the subject readily lent itself to black and white. I focused on part of its leaves, with light and complex shapes. The low-angle framing accentuates the clean side with a clear sky in the background. The rendering offers a delicate aspect of Chinese shadow, for this photo taken towards Haut-Folin. »

Text and photo David Carville

Heart stroke

Thank you to the firefighters for their calendar

“I would like to congratulate the firefighters of the departmental service of Nièvre, for once not for their actions and their self-sacrifice which are recognized by all, but for the remarkable work they have done in drawing up the 2023 calendar. This calendar is of great originality, and will attract the attention of young and old with its mini-comics and its original presentation.

I cannot encourage you enough to generously open your door to them, because in addition, you will participate in helping the association “Les Môm’en Couleur”, for the benefit of the pediatric service of the Center Hospitalier de Nevers. Congratulations again to them and thank you?! »

Michael Gaubil


Why so much hate??

“Recent news has highlighted the difficulty of welcoming the 234 migrants from the Ocean Viking. Italy and France passing the buck to each other even though lives were in danger?! It was Michel Rocard who, on December 3, 1989, during Anne Sinclair’s program 7 sur 7, declared: “We cannot accommodate all the misery in the world. France must remain what it is, a land of political asylum”.

Today, there is a real migration crisis which, according to the NGO Oxfam, will explode in the years to come. Confirmed by the United Nations, which estimates that 86 million Africans could move within their country and beyond by 2050?!

This crisis is very directly linked to the dizzying increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Who produces the most these gas emissions?? Of course, the developed countries and Europe in the first place. And who suffers the most devastating (current) consequences?? In particular Africa, which only emits 4% of greenhouse gases, but is subject to more shocks than the other continents.

It should therefore come as no surprise to see Africans leaving their country and taking refuge in Europe to find better living conditions there. Hence Rocard’s formula which can turn against us: “We cannot accommodate all the misery of the world” and Africans tell us: “We cannot accommodate all the climatic disturbances in the world”. CQFD »

Roger Rigaud

Seduction attempt

“Being used to photographing the fauna of the Niffonds pond (Varennes-Vauzelles), I was the privileged witness of an attempt to seduce a gray heron towards a great egret. For the record, the beauty did not care, and the spurned lover had to resign himself to returning to the marital routine. But how beautiful life is…”

Text and photo Roger Crionnet

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