“Hate speech”, an excuse to nullify political criticism

The discussion about “hate speech,” the possibility of regulating (limiting) it and the decision to hold its authors accountable (sanction) has emerged these days in Argentina in the context of growing polarization and political tension. I would like to point out in these lines why the regulation of “hate speech” represents a solution that is … Read more

A cure for inflation worse than the disease? Criticism mounts against central banks

In the United States, the United Kingdom, in the euro zone, but also in most emerging economies, key rate hikes follow one another at a frantic pace in order to slow inflation. But critics point to the risk of stifling growth in this way. “It reminds me of what happened with bloodletting,” said Nobel laureate … Read more

Criticism of episodes 1 and 2 of ‘The Rings of Power’: All against Sauron

Protagonists of ‘The Rings of Power’. / BEN ROTHSTEIN The start of the most anticipated series of the year, which Amazon has released, lays the foundations for an epic that shows a high level of production and puts the ink on the characters and their emotions “Nothing is evil at first” is the forceful phrase … Read more

About 4T: pamphlets vs. substantiated criticism | Lorenzo Diaz Cruz


In 1938 the French Andre Bretonfounder of surrealism, visited Mexico, and at the conclusion of his visit, he stated the following about our country: “Do not try to understand Mexico from reason, you will have more luck from the absurd, Mexico is the most surreal country in the world.” The list of attitudes and customs … Read more