10 Great Fantasy Book Adaptations In Film And TV, From ‘The Wheel Of Time’ To ‘The School For Good And Evil’

The fantasy genre offers a wondrous and magical escape from the daily twists and turns of the modern world. Whether it’s magic, wizards, knights, kings and battles, royal drama or ferocious mystical beasts, fantasy itself covers a wide range of subjects and themes. RELATED: The Best Fantasy Book Adaptations Like ‘The Rings of Power’ and … Read more

an excellent and very ingenious science fiction film (in UHD and Blu

Artistic note: (4/5) Synopsis In the near future, the mafia has devised an infallible system to make all the annoying witnesses disappear. She sends her victims into the past, to our time, where killers of a new kind, the “loopers” eliminate them. One day, one of them, Joe, discovers that the victim he must execute … Read more

Teen Wolf: the film reveals in images the return of several characters

The feature film Teen Wolf: The Movie unveiled in pictures the return of several characters from the series. The figure of the werewolf has not often received treatment worthy of its legend over the past twenty years, particularly in certain franchises. The film Van Helsinglicenses underworld and especially Twillight haven’t really honored one of cinema’s … Read more

Star Wars: la lista dei film e delle serie tv in ordine cronologico | TV Sorrisi e Canzoni


Ecco l’elenco aggiornato dei film e delle serie dell’universo di Star Wars, con l’ordine “giusto” per vederli cronologicamente in ordine Paolo Paglianti 19 Ottobre 2022 alle 17:05 C’è qualcuno che non conosce Star Wars? Ne dubitiamo proprio! Dall’uscita del primo film a oggi, Guerre Stellari ha creato un impero sia al cinema che sul piccolo … Read more

The prohibition of the film “Rest a little”


Gad Elmaleh’s autobiographical film, “Reste un peu”, recreates a forbidden experience: the entry of a child into a church. Having reached middle age, observes journalist Louis Daufresne, Gad Elmaleh still comes up against the same insurmountable obstacle. We knew that salvation would come from the Jews! At a time when the clergy jerkily empty the … Read more

Tanti auguri Anne Hathaway: i migliori film di un’attrice dall’eccezionale talento


Anne Jacqueline Hathaway nasce a New York il 12 novembre del 1982. Un’attrice dal fascino straordinario e di eccezionale talento, cui vogliamo rendere omaggio in occasione del suo quarantesimo compleanno. La carriera dell’interprete statunitense è costellata da film di grande successo, e spesso Anne è stata protagonista delle stagioni dei premi. La più importante per … Read more

We tested… “The Quarry”, the horror film in which you are the hero


In 2022, video game characters have definitely swapped their flashlight for the light from their smartphone. SUPERMASSIVE / TAKE-TWO The Quarry begins on a full moon night. A couple of young Americans drive through a forest while listening Moonlight by Ariana Grande. Max and Laura are lost and start arguing. They are far from suspecting … Read more

Brightburn: The Child of Evil: this evil film by the director of “Guardians of the Galaxy” arrives in June on Netflix (+Review)

After adding “The last house on the left“to its content offering and before the Taiwanese found footage film”spell” come haunt your nights, Netflix has planned to end the month of June with a final dose of horror. Indeed, the Thursday June 30 next, the streaming platform will inject within its catalog “Brightburn: The Child of … Read more

Almost an orphan. The review of the film


A comedy that struggles to keep up with the times, poised between old clichés and the inability to update its comedy. Remake of the French film Meet Yours by Dany Boon ————————————————– ——— CINEMA SCHOOL OF WILD TRAILS: ENROLLMENTS STILL OPEN YEAR 2022-23 ————————————————– ——— Valentino (Riccardo Scamarcio) and Costanza (Vittoria Puccini), husband and wife, … Read more

Quando i videogiochi ispirano i film: episodio 1 | #CrossPlayer


“Conosco il suono che provoca una vera pistola, ma quando fai un film cerchi di influenzare i sensi per restituire l’idea del mondo reale, e talvolta riportare quel suono direttamente della realtà non ha lo stesso effetto sullo spettatore. Se pensi ad Half Life, Resident Evil o The Last of Us, quando ti muovi in … Read more