Andor is changing the way you see the Empire (but still fits a new hope)


Warning! SPOILER for Andor episodes 1-3. Andor is shown a new side of the Galactic Empire, and while it changes the way viewers will see the regime, it still fits perfectly with his portrayal in A New Hope and other Star Wars material. Strongly inspired by real-world fascist regimes, the Star Wars franchise’s Galactic Empire … Read more

Psalm 37. A prayer that invites us to persevering hope


For some hours a sort of deluge has been enveloping everything and the horizon that until recently stretched far along the ridges of the mountains has disappeared. Could this be the spirit with which to read Psalm 37, which seems an endless lament in which those who pray, echoing the words of Job or Ecclesiastes, … Read more

UKRAINE AND US / That propaganda between Good and Evil that stifles true hope

The events in Ukraine have thrown me into a condition of psychological exhaustion and not only political but also intellectual insecurity, to an extent that I had never known before. I feel torn, deeply divided, between the belief that the West, the US, NATO, and the EU itself have very serious responsibilities in the origin … Read more