Giroud makes France fly (but Maignan gets hurt). Well Croatia, Belgium and Holland

The Milan goalkeeper went out in the 45th minute with a pain in the calf. Turkey’s draw at home to Luxembourg (3-3) The big winners, but Maignan and Koopmeiners leave the field earlier than expected: the first due to injury, the second due to a blow to the head. On the fifth day of the … Read more

Juventus, Salernitana stumbling block: Nicola’s pawns can hurt


There Juventus by mister Massimiliano Merry prepares for the sixth day of the championship, focusing on the Salerno. The bianconeri, between injuries, physical ailments and turnover, will have to be careful of the boys of Nicola, which started strong compared to last year. Both companies have done very well on the market; the manager of … Read more

The school is responsible for the child who gets hurt at school on the basis of contractual liability | Salvis Juribus


Summary: 1. Contractual liability – 2. Non-contractual liability – 3. Responsibility former art. 2048 cc – 4. Nature of responsibility if the pupil gets hurt in school 1. Contractual liability Former art. 1321 the contract is the agreement of two or more parties to establish, regulate or terminate a legal patrimonial relationship between them. The … Read more

The Seismograph. Your Holiness, Be More Careful in Your Choice of Words. They can hurt.


July 7, 2022 Published by Marco Tosatti Marco Tosatti Dear StilumCuriali, it seems appropriate to bring to your attention, in case you have not already read it, this comment appeared in the Seismograph to some sentences from a recent interview with the reigning Pontiff. Enjoy the reading. §§§ “Abortion is like hiring a hitman”: words … Read more

MotoGP boss Ezpeleta confesses about Valentino and the feud with Marquez: “He hurt me. And maybe … ”


The Dorna CEO talks about the world championship which after 26 seasons does not see Valentino Rossi at the start for the first time: “How strange – the thought of Carmelo Ezpeleta in his office in the paddock – Valentino is no longer there. That boy is already missing ”. Space then for beautiful memories … Read more

Jannik Sinner gets hurt again: is it just bad luck? “Knee to be checked as soon as possible”


Russia wins the match against Italy 2-0. In the morning Camila Giorgi comes out of the match with Darya Kasatkinain the evening Jannik Sinner he must surrender even before Rublev to the pain his knee causes. It is the second time that he happens to retire against Rublev, it had already happened to him in … Read more

It will hurt ! 75% of cars excluded from cities by 2025!

This is an article from the magazine Challenges which returns to this story of ZFE, low emission zones, where we must no longer pollute. These are the major cities of France. “By 2025, low mobility emission zones (ZFE-m) could exclude three quarters of the vehicles currently in circulation. But few motorists know this. Are we … Read more