7 films to watch on Netflix to awaken your political conscience

Musical biography, ecological satire, contemplative western… Politics can interfere in many genres of the seventh art. The proof with this selection of seven films from the Netflix catalog which brilliantly address many social issues. If you’ve been wandering around your Netflix app for hours hoping to find a movie to watch tonight, you’ve come to … Read more

Partial mobilization: “Being a conscientious objector is not in itself a reason for political asylum”, says a specialist

Several tens of thousands of Russians are currently fleeing their country to escape the partial mobilization wanted by Vladimir Putin in Ukraine. “Being a conscientious objector is not in itself a reason for political asylum”says Patrick Martin-Genier, a specialist in European issues, expressing surprise that these Russians “who want to flee have found nothing wrong … Read more

“Hate speech”, an excuse to nullify political criticism

The discussion about “hate speech,” the possibility of regulating (limiting) it and the decision to hold its authors accountable (sanction) has emerged these days in Argentina in the context of growing polarization and political tension. I would like to point out in these lines why the regulation of “hate speech” represents a solution that is … Read more

Elections. The PD presents its proposals for health. Letta’s challenge to political leaders: “Let them say clearly that the vaccination campaign must continue after 25 September”

by Giovanni Rodriquez Health expenditure will no longer have to fall below 7% of GDP and the expenditure ceiling for health personnel will be abolished. These are the two main proposals for health around which the program with which the PD presents itself in the political elections revolves. To illustrate it today Letta, Speranza, Lorenzin … Read more

“Don’t Worry Darling”, Harry Styles in a psychological (and political) thriller

Don’t Worry Darling, directed by Olivia Wilde, is the event film of this year’s Venice Film Festival. The reason is not strictly cinematic, but linked to the media exposure of its protagonist, Harry Styles, a star highly anticipated by young people in the lagoon. Leaving aside all the gossip that revolves around a film whose … Read more

Government vs unions: between legitimate claims, political Chicanas and street violence


Tell me with whom and how you negotiate and I’ll tell you what kind of government you have… Until the conflict with teachers, the management of Rodolfo Suarez had known how to weather the different storms that were put in front of him; even the mining issue, after that popular uprising in December 2019, when … Read more

The “nuclear” fatwas of political religions


Hadi Matar, the attacker of Salman Rushdie in New York, has just pleaded not guilty by the voice of his lawyer. This 24-year-old American of Lebanese origin is a poor figure of the antihero, an anti-Prometheus who would have evacuated his conscience by letting himself be diluted in what Raymond Aron calls “secular religions” and … Read more

From Banfield backwards: let’s review the political alphabet (by S. Gentile)

In the 1950s, the American scholar Edward Banfield revolutionized sociological analysis with his The social foundations of a backward society (1958), research conducted in a village in the South of Italy, called with a fictitious name Montegrano. New method, participant observation, interviews to privileged characters and a suggestive hypothesis: the backwardness of some areas, due … Read more

The door. The Lunar Panorama of Possible Possible Political Elections.


July 25, 2022 Published by Marco Tosatti Marco Tosatti Dear StilumCuriali, General Piero Laporta offers your attention this comment on future consultations. Desolate, sad, and unfortunately lucid and shareable. On one point they disagree: on the question of whether or not to go to the polls. No, you have to go to vote; then on … Read more