Films and series to see on Salto in October 2022: Chucky season 2, the sequel to Yellowstone and the killer clown of It

Between season 2 of “Chucky”, season 4 of “Yellowstone”, the mini-series “It”, the first three seasons of “Creepshow” and the Halloween collection made up in particular of the films “Ouija”, the program of the month of october promises to be busy on Salto. UPCOMING SERIES FROM OCTOBER 6: Chucky, season 2 in simulcast US+24 – … Read more

FC Lorient. How the Hakes make the best start to the season in their history

1. Risks and ambition Both on the field and behind the scenes where the Morbihan club has separated from a staff that had kept it among the elite twice to replace it internally, FC Lorient is taking risks this summer. New staff, new game project and a fairly reworked workforce (21 departures, nine arrivals) to … Read more

The creators of ‘Rick and Morty’ reveal all the keys to season 6


Although a long time has passed since the premiere of its fifth season, ‘Rick and Morty’ is back and ready for war. The sixth season of the successful adult animation series picks up the story of grandfather and grandson at a moment of capital importance. Following the destruction of the Citadel and the end of … Read more

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood 3 review: the new Netflix season, ups and downs


DOTA: Dragon’s Blood it does not boast a plot and an artistic sector of the caliber of Arcaneor irreverent and funny characters like The Legend of Vox Machina (recover ours review of The Legend of Vox Machina), but his bow has arrows that do not make him disfigure in front of the other two titles. … Read more

Stranger Things, season 4: and here we go again


Why change a formula that works? The Duffer brothers have understood this principle, even more so with this fourth season of the famous television series Stranger Thingswhich unfolds in 12 hours and dusts on Netflix. Season four, then. After the secret Soviet base under Hawkins Mall, now it’s Vecna, another monster from the Upside Down, … Read more

Stranger Things S4: One of the main characters was going to die in the season finale


Watch out! Spoilers for the fourth season of Stranger Things. The fourth season of stranger thingshas beaten all records on Netflix, bringing together millions of viewers before a season finale that showed us the confrontation of the heroes against neighbor and that almost ends as one authentic butcher. while the duffer brothers take stock of … Read more

“Borgen”: the season too many for Birgitte Nyborg


Reading time: 4 mins Warning: This article contains spoilers. We no longer present Borgen, a Danish series that follows the career of a politician, Birgitte Nyborg, leader of the centrist party who became Prime Minister of the kingdom. The first three seasons showed a character grappling with the conquest and then the exercise of power, … Read more

All references to the fourth season of Stranger Things


From A Nightmare on Elm Street to Running up that hill the mentions, inspirations and curiosities of volume 1 of season four The fourth season of Stranger Things is round. A more than well tied argument and an outstanding narrative without losing the essence of what it has been throughout these years: a string of … Read more