DECRYPTION. Putin “is in a headlong rush”: a specialist analyzes the shock speech of the one who “has nothing more to lose”

the essential This Friday, Vladimir Putin gave a speech in Moscow, where he notably formalized the annexation of the four regions of Ukraine invaded by Russia. Decryption with Jean Geronimo, specialist in Russia. This Friday, September 30, in a luxurious room in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin gave a speech during which the Russian president formalized … Read more

“Hate speech”, an excuse to nullify political criticism

The discussion about “hate speech,” the possibility of regulating (limiting) it and the decision to hold its authors accountable (sanction) has emerged these days in Argentina in the context of growing polarization and political tension. I would like to point out in these lines why the regulation of “hate speech” represents a solution that is … Read more

Too “ugly” to abort: The outrageous speech of a conservative against those who defend abortion


Matt Gaetz, a conservative Republican elected in Florida, attacked feminists who defend the right to abortion… in a totally despicable way and above all really devoid of originality. Climatosceptic and close to a neo-Nazi group, Matt Gaetz had no already not much to please. This pro-Trump Republican Representative is also under investigation after accusations paid … Read more