The unknown, the dark, the truth: the soundtracks of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis find the synthesis in ‘Blonde’ | Rolling Stone Italy

“Nick and Warren are both alike and completely different at the same time. There is a courage in facing the unknown, both in life and in a creative way, the will to put themselves in situations where they are vulnerable and the conviction in the strength of all this ». Words by Andrew Dominik, director … Read more

Queens Of The Stone Age dust off three albums

Pharoah Sanders had notably been John Coltrane’s sideman and published ” The Creator Has a Master Plan “. Pharoah Sanders, the saxophonist who helped John Coltrane explore the avant-garde and push jazz itself towards the spiritual, has died aged 81. Record label Luaka Bop, which released Sanders’ acclaimed collab and Floating Points, Promises, in 2021, … Read more

I Nu Genea ti fanno stare bene | Rolling Stone Italia

A un certo punto l’effetto era straniante, psichedelico quasi, ma di una psichedelia tipo da Las Vegas: lo stilosissimo festival romano Spring Attitude (nato elettronico, ma ormai anche po’ indie, comunque sempre di qualità) quest’anno nel suo perenne vagabondare alla ricerca di una location adatta – problema a Roma sempre più drammatico – era finito … Read more

‘The Gray Man’ is not a condor, but not a pigeon either | Rolling Stone Italy


A budget of two hundred million dollars, yet another most expensive film in Netflix’s history, a record that will probably remain undefeated for some time, given the new direction taken by the streaming platform, determined to cut costs and focus more on product quality. Giving all this money into the hands of brothers Anthony and … Read more

I 25 migliori superhero movie di tutti i tempi | Rolling Stone Italia


25Le avventure di Rocketeer (1991) di Joe Johnston Gran parte dell’ondata di supereroi post Batman (di Tim Burton) e tanti dei successivi adattamenti in chiave pulp dei fumetti sono dimenticabili, ma il racconto firmato Joe Johnston di un pilota della Seconda guerra mondiale che combatte criminali e nazisti è una delizia rétro. E c’è forse … Read more

‘The Ferragnez’ is a ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ who didn’t make it (and that’s okay) | Rolling Stone Italy


You know that scene from April in which Nanni Moretti (forgive me, Nanni, I realize that being mentioned alongside Chiara Ferragni and Fedez is an affront) begs D’Alema? «D’Alema, say something left! Say something also not of the left, of civilization! D’Alema, say one thing, say something, react! ». Here, I was almost the same, … Read more